Belinda Espiritu is an associate professor of UP Cebu’s mass communication program and was its program coordinator from 2010-2015. Originally a GE instructor, she became a full-fledged mass communication faculty specializing in communication theory and developmental communication after accomplishing her PhD from UP Diliman in 2011.


Belinds, as her colleagues fondly call her, believes in educating for intelligence and character. Under her tutelage, not only do her students acquire the theories, approaches, methods, and techniques which enable them to become successful in the field of communication but also to become positive catalysts of change in their respective communities.


With her philosophy in teaching, it is not surprising that Professor Belinda currently advocates peace education. In one of her impassioned discussions of the topic, she stated, “Peace education is important in promoting peace at all levels, and in understanding the interconnections among the following dimensions: human rights, environmental protection, poverty eradication, disarmament and cessation of hostilities, personal and family integrity, and intercultural understanding.”

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Communication Theory and Research, Development Communication, Thesis Writing, Introduction to Communication

Peace and Development, Audience Reception Studies, Online Communication Studies, Communication and Religion

BSE in English (1995, University of the Philippines Diliman)


MA in Comparative Literature (2000, University of the Philippines Diliman)


PhD in Communication (2011, University of the Philippines Diliman)

Title of Thesis and/or Dissertations

Published/Creative Works

Lakbay-Loob: The Religious Discourse in the Novels of Fransisco Sionil Jose


A Theater of Struggle: Young Filipino Women’s Perception of the Gender and Class Ideologies in Selected Korean Television Dramas

Peace and Development, Audience Reception Studies, Online Communication Studies, Communication and Religion


The Public Sphere, Blogs, and the Pork Barrel Scam: Online Citizen’s Voices on Corruption and Governance in the Philippines. Media Asia, 41 (4):343-354. (2014)


From Fears and Prejudices to Intercultural Solidarity: A Study of Interpersonal/Intercultural Communication in Muslim-Christian Relations in Selected Areas of Metro Manila, Philippines. Religion and Communication: Journal of the Asian Research Center for Religion and Social Communication, 4(2): 77-97. (2006)


Communication, Participation, and Governance: Discursive Democracy and Communitarianism in the Philippines. Media Asia: An Asian Communication Quarterly, 32 (4): 240-248. (2005)


Espiritu, B.F. (2017). Peace Profile: Sebastiano D'Ambra. Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice, 29: 1, 112-119


Espiritu, B.F. (2016). Negative Media Portrayal of Islam. Media Development, 63(1), 15-19


(2011, August). Transnational audience reception as a theater of struggle: Young Filipino women’s reception of Korean television dramas. Asian Journal of Communication, 21(4), 355-372


Awards and Recognitions

Asian Congress for Media and Communication


Resource speaker for Saceda Youth Lead Teachers’ Training Seminars on Peace Education

UP 2011 International Publication Award