Crina Tañongon is a multi-faceted woman. She is a mother of three, a wife, an environmentalist, an entrepreneur, and a teacher. Yet even with all these responsibilities, she remains calm and collected, and always prepared. In her classes, she shares to her students her environmental advocacy and aims that by the end of the semester, they have at least concretely contributed in whatever way to the protection or the preservation of nature.

Assistant Professor 1

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Courses Handled

Research Interest


Communication Skills 1, Communication Skills 2, English 11, and Literature 3

Development Communication, Sustainable Development, Community Organizing, and Literary Journalism

MA in Literature (University of San Carlos, 2012)


BA in Journalism (University of the Philippines Diliman, 2002)

Title of Thesis and/or Dissertations

Published/Creative Works


The Reportage of a Fictionist: the Fiction of a Journalist (The complementary of fact and fiction in the works of Vicente Sotto and Nick Joaquin on national events)

Vicente Sotto’s Works: Prototypes of Journalistic Fiction. Philippine Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities Vol. 17., No. 1 (2013) 57-72.


Under the Internet Spell: An examination of the moral context and academic culture of Filipino students committing cyber plagiarism. Asian Congress for Media and Communication. 2014

Asian Congress for Media and Communication


Regional Centre of Expertise-Cebu-Education for Sustainable Development