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Anaa Kanunay

Anaa Kanunay

60.96 x 91.44 cm

“Bisanunsay porma, mao kini akong balay

Gamasa akong pagpilit-pilit ug pagpanday

Unanoman sa uban, kini akong palasyo

Gubotman sa mga mata, ako kining garbo

Madakoman o magamay, aduna lay porma

DiliSiya mamili ug naa ra bisag kanus-a

Bahalana’g mabasa sa tulo inig uwan

Moluhodako Kanimo ug Ikaw ampuan

Diliako mahadlok, dili ako masina

Sagamay kong balay, ikaw kanunay anaa”


Deconstructing and deforming thediscarded materials in use is initially the intention of the artist as hepresents his views about the continuity of the mass’ perspective, as well ashis, towards religion and belief. The assemblage work highlights the artist’srespect to all the households, regardless of its size and constructionelements, continues to believe in the diversity of faith and culture. Hebelieves that religion is not a privilege but a right, it is a choice and one’sdwelling space, a person’s origin and background does not matter as long as onechooses to serve. People may say religion is in the decline and that cultureshall replace it, this might be true but what matters highly is that no matterwhere you are or how large your property is or how far you’ve achieved, whatmatters most is that the influence of religion is prevalent and ongoing. It isthere, now and always, “Anaa Kanunay”. The artwork’s purpose is to presentthe idea that the country has been influenced by every part of the doctrine,regardless of who its bringers are, and up until now for as long as fivehundred years. Strictly or in a spontaneous way, everyone is currently livingwith it, using it as a guide to achieve a better and secured country for theFilipinos, and such a perspective is well enough for the artist to believein.


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