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Facemask Tan Lines

Facemask Tan Lines

20 x 20 inches
Acrylic on Canvas

The victory of our ancestors loomover us as the battle of our front liners rages on. Fisherfolk are one of themany unsung heroes of this pandemic. While we turn to the medical sector tospearhead our protection and cure, we rely on fisherfolk and farmers who work tirelesslyto put food on our tables. Their resilience immensely contributed to theagricultural sector’s growth despite these challenging times ensuring supply offood not only for their own survival but also for others’ needs

Their plight plagued with poverty,policy-issues, and the presence of Chinese fishing vessels at the WestPhilippine Sea is exacerbated with the onslaught of the COVID-19 virus. A tanline in the shape of a face mask raises the question “How much more did theysuffer during the pandemic?” With a shadow cast over his face, their serviceand sacrifice remain seen yet inadequately addressed. Much of us merely rely onand believe in their resilience, yet how much longer can they survive on theirresilience? There are children and families who depend on them, yet who canthey depend on?

Five-hundred years ago, Lapu-lapuand his men won the battle of Mactan, forever embedding the Filipino strengthinto the course of history, serving as a reminder of our ability to defeatconquerors of our land. As we commemorate this win, we reflect upon the battlewe are facing today, and the conditions of our silent front liners who deserverespect, credit, and aid. To call for heroes of our fisherfolk is to call forheroes of the thousands of Filipinos who count on them.

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