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Galos sa Batalya

Galos sa Batalya

22” x 24”
Gouache and acrylic on canvas

Galos saBatalya” is my homage to Filipino medical frontliners. Since the start ofthe COVID-19 pandemic, they have tirelessly sacrificed their time and energy inthe name of selfless service. Despite the grave risk and less than desirableworking conditions and compensation, these frontliners continue to devote theirlives to helping their fellow countrymen. And this painting is a commemorationof their strength and kindness.

But it is not all it is.

As much as this is a token of utmost gratitude,it is also a reminder. Behind the narrative of the modern-day hero exists realpeople. Real people who are exhausted and worn out—the crisis of the pandemicetched deep into their skin. These scars may be proof of heroism, but they arestill scars nonetheless.  

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