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Kahidlaw sa Kalingkawasan

Kahidlaw sa Kalingkawasan

27.6 x 19.7 inches
Mixed Media

My work “KahidlawsaKalingkawasan” is a mixedmedia art on a canvas. It is done in an Abstract Realism art style and thetheme for this work is as it is determined by the competition: “A Longing fornew Heroes: Celebrating 500 years of Filipino Victory in Mactan, HonoringFilipino Strength and Service”. This surrounds on the topic of the need of breakthroughand liberation in many aspects of the lives of every Filipino in the surge ofthe Pandemic, most especially for our modern Heroes: Frontline Workers. It istrue that we won a historical battle 5 centuries ago, bloods were shed and liveswere sacrificed and we are grateful for that. Yet, here we are again, fighting anotherwar against a culprit invisible with naked eye.  Covid19 virus has enchained a lot of us infear and hardships, it took a lot from us- lives, livelihoods, strengthsandopportunities but it can never take away from us our determination to be free,to have breakthrough in all of these. And that, all we  need is to be the hero we can be, rise up andlend a hand to those who are in need and never be ashamed to ask for help.Wecan  heal as one, a nation with thespirit of bayanihan.


My painting depictsa young girl looking up with a face that projects longing, she is hugging astuffed toy dressed as one of the front liners and in the background is anabstract pattern and is inspired with thepainting Abstraction 58, oil onplywood by Jose T. Joya with a twist of my style. We could also see in thebackground some printedNewspaper front pages fromPhilippine Daily Inquirercoveredand/or painted with abstract patterns. The colors used are vibrant, organic primaryand secondary colors and there are also organic lines and shapes. The young girlsymbolizes the longing for freedom from the enchainment caused by the pandemic,through the rise of new heroes of our time. The act of hugging the stuff toysymbolizes giving support, importance and being aware of their situation. Thetoy on the other hand is torn apart and damaged symbolizing that our frontliners are, experiencing difficulties, they are tired, drained and needseveryone’s support, understanding and cooperation.


This work overallspeaks of the longing of every Filipino to be free from the horrors of thisCovid19 virus, to end this pandemic. Have the breakthrough we always wanted, tobecome the hero ourselves and helped those in need. Come together and fight asone, be the victors of this battle just as what Lapu- Lapu did in Mactan500years ago and liberate ourselves from the bondages of fear and hardships.

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