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Rocky Road

Rocky Road

18” x 24”
Acrylic on Canvas

ROCKY ROAD is afinger-painting art that conceptualizes the struggle of workers in thispandemic, even so, they lack compensation from their respective companies oremployers they are working for.

Last April 27, 2021, was the5ooth anniversary of the victory of Mactan chieftain Lapu-Lapu against Magellan.This commemoration must not only remind us of our victory against the foreigninvaders who later colonized our country for hundreds of years, but should alsoremind us how colonialism, imperialism, and capitalism soiled in our society.

When the pandemic started,there have been many issues surrounding the lack of a support system for thepoor and contractual workers. Many of our fellow citizens lost their jobs andcannot make ends meet. However, there are also those workers, who, amidst thedanger posed by the pandemic, are still doing their jobs to help serve peoplewith their necessities. When I was conceptualizing my artwork and thought aboutheroes, the first that came to me is the “delivery drivers” who we see all thetime on the streets, or outside of our homes delivering foods and othersupplies for people. Even with their clear hard work, they experienced a lot ofexploitation from both buyers and employers. And yet, we know this conceptapplies not only to our delivery drivers but also to those employees who needto travel from home to work just to make a living and to help and give support.Those workers may look fine, as someone who is just “doing his work”, but deepdown they struggle more than others. The threats that Covid bring to us do notstop the hands of those people to continue serving not just our fellow citizensbut most importantly for themselves.

An artwork created by merefingers of the artist reflects the rough and unsteady hands of thoseworkers—our “heroes” in this period. As the title goes, ROCKY ROAD, for thereis no absolute safe and secure way for those working people when achievingtheir labor and not all people can see this. The viewer is left with anupsetting emotion, and a messy version of an image most of them would usuallysee in their phones when tapping for deliverable goods.

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