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24 in x24 in
Mixed Media

“Suga”, a Cebuano term for lamp.In Tagalog, there is the phrase ‘’Ilaw ng tahanan”, that means the mother isthe light of the home, since the mother and the lamp have the same context, itbecomes the image and the title of the artwork.

Mother, the honor of a timelesshero. A figure of light and path, through words and works. Is it a mistake tosay that she is the real creator? What we are to the society and for thesociality, our role, the shape, the mindset, the space, and sanity. She whocarries the future of tomorrow.

During the pandemic, mother isthe one who works for us. She might have a very fragile body, but she is builtwith a strong mind and will. At the beginning of the quarantine, we were soanxious of what might happen to us, we were told to just stay inside the housetill further notice from the authorities. Months have passed, out of thesunlight and fresh air since we are living in a populated area, other illnesseshave developed. Our physical and mental health became unhealthy, but since ourmother is on our side, everything went well. We were taught a lot of thingsabout life and heard more experiences that might be used in the future. Shemight not be on the frontline, but she took her pivotal role to take care ofher family.

In the a textured canvas is afigure of a light consisting of shades of yellow and with gold surrounded bydarker shades of red, black and brown. The shades of yellow color creates animage of a round light, which also can be assumed as a light bulb. The imagerepresents the mother illuminating the darkness of nature and body in ourfamily. The light that gives us hope and courage to continue living andcreating memories. The light that makes our path clear, and the light that wewill adore forever.

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