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“Ang Paghukas”

Marean Joy A. Villarama

Mixed Media
2 ft x 2 ft
In a world lead by men, where there is still a hint of patriarchy that manifests itself in social, legal, political, religious, and economic organization of a range of different cultures. Throughout the years, women are patronized and seen as weak, thus make them act according to their bidding. Women should wear proper clothes, meaning when they wear revealing and provocative clothing, or take their clothes off in public, men percieve it as an invitation for sex, a temptation, or a tease for lust. That is why I placed the word "obscene" in my work to emphasize the depth of this issue. As they say, "the women who were assualted are somehow to blame because of the way they dressed." My artwork was made because of the believe that women, regardless of how they are dressed, she retains autonomy, or even if she is desperate for sex, it still remains her decision regarding who she wants to have sex with. Consent is highly important, no matter what they wear. In their argument, whenever women exposes a lot of skin in the way they dress, it affects the brain somehow, saying, "I was too drunk, I couldn't help myself." however, it is surely not an excuse for an assualt. Women may choose an alluring outfit, but it is still a man's choice to grope her without permission. A women should not be scared to take her clothes off, for a proper will not touch a woman's skin unless permission is granted. Though this issue is not only about consent but also to see to it to respect and protect women who and whatever they wear.

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