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"Filius Fabri"

Wilfredo "Llywi" Alinsug III

Mixed Media
2ft x 2.5ft
Literally translates to The Son of the Carpenter in Latin, my work shows the use of certain things created and formed together to make an image. I used assorted nails formed to the shape of the Crucifix which is symbolic of Jesus Christ's ultimate suffering and the five thousand, four hundred and sixty-six (5,466) wounds in his passion. I also put the claw hammer which I used to drive the nails into the panel that signifies God, as the Creator, can build and destroy things in His will – just like the Carpenter. Iron rust mixed with vinegar was used to stain the wood panel patterned after the concoction used to quench Jesus’ thirst while he was hanging on the cross – vinegar soaked in a sponge spiked onto an iron spear. Pope Dalisay a local artist based in Manila and Henry Moore an English artist famously known for his Monumental semi-abstract sculptures were my influences in creating my artworks. Pope's love in making "mother and child" and "crucifix" as his subjects has driven me to study the life of Christ, and Henry Moore's preoccupation of monumental semi-abstract figures also led me to make this figurative abstract artwork. I am fascinated by the life of Jesus Christ, like how he lived his life, fulfilled, and satisfied the prophecy from the books of the Old Testament. His Passion shows his humility and as King Solomon said from the book of Proverbs in the Bible " When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom." (Proverbs 11:2) And yet despite this supposed title of a King, he chose to be born in a humble family of a carpenter. He was known to be a revolutionist during His time according to the Scriptures. Jesus was born a craftsman and integrated along with the poor people. Like Jesus, as humans in a community or nation, we have our own struggles and that we must stand firm and fight for what is right. He chose to fight not for us, but with us. I wanted to create an artwork that speaks to the audience by making Jesus, detached from the religious icon that He is, and more of the martyred marginalized revolutionary that He is.

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