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"Love of War"

Edward John B. Agleham

Acrylic on Canvas
2 ft x 2 ft
There are always two sides of a story, the one we know and one that we still ought to discover. My work visualizes these versions by taking inspiration from Stathis Tsavalias’ double exposure murals. Personally, I find this type of art visually and narratively appealing as it possesses two different narratives weaved together on a canvas. In my creative process, I try as much as possible to tell a dramatic and engaging story like a novel reinvented as a visual piece of art. The ideas that come to my mind are usually inspired by the movies or books that I have previously seen or read. Most of my works, although I am currently exploring art movements and applying them to my style, are mainly representational as a story unfolds more organically that way. In this piece, figures are overlaid one on top of the other to provide a double exposure effect which with the use of an apparatus, the red-colored glasses, two versions of the painting can be experienced at the same time. “Love of War,” expresses a tragic romance in a war setting. This nods to William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet where the couple see themselves caught in a forbidden love story. The two lovers in the centerpiece embody the captor and the captive. The toxicity of the man’s love for the woman kills her which conveys the colonization of a powerful nation to a much less capable country. By the use of the glasses, the vision of the audience becomes red which symbolizes the bloodshed violence that war has brought upon the world and seeing the effect it brought with their own eyes. The blues in the piece which represent a peaceful atmosphere turn into lifeless grays which are consequently present in the battlefield.

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