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Amor Beah Singh

Acrylic on Canvas
2.5ft x3ft
Every person has two paths in order to make decisions in life. Sad to say as teens being under the arms of our parents many weren't able to make their own choices. Many went to the path where they shouldn't be and have all of those regrets inside them. They have opinions that do not provide the flavor of the day. In this world full of chaos many people sacrificed their dreams and called their selves a misfit. Many people have opinions based on what others suggested, what their parents suggested. I entitled this work "misfit". As you look at the painting many where not in the right place or interchanged. There is this bird who exactly look perfect without any misfits. It symbolizes those people who fight for their dreams and fly freely especially art students who are strong enough to follow their dreams despite all those discouragements. Many people may say that we should be practical enough in choosing our professions, you might also have said that. Try asking yourself "Am I happy with what I have and where I am?". What people always think of is wealth, they let go of their dreams because of this. I can say my parents also think of this /like this but I am true enough with myself in choosing this path, even you. We are being true to ourselves instead of going along with what everyone else wanted. Being in this world is not about having wealth it's about having happiness and satisfaction while living. I made this painting to let those people wake up and stop controlling others, spread encouragement to everyone and let them follow their dreams, let you follow your dreams.

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