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"Passion Over Mess"

Clark Myer Arquio

Oil on Canvas
3ft x 3ft
My life is a mess and I keep on asking “why”. I guess it’s very difficult to seek solutions where life is concerned because life itself is indeed complicated. So People always struggle and no one can avoid that. Perhaps in their career, their job or their possessions in life. And it's good that people somehow want to reach the top part of this triangular-shaped world as if it is not flat or circle, but oftentimes they search for shortcuts, from which isn't offered. The fact is, life has multiple processes not to shape the world but to shape you, it particularly suggests painful circumstances that even rocks cries for hope. Yet I would say that bad moments of our life are meant to have good things to foretell. And Remember that amidst the messiness of our life we are not ought to lose and stop but we are ought to have Passion to pursue. Because I admit it to myself that I am not as good as anyone, but rather I am as messy and failure as everyone. And this painting may be messy to your sight. But my real intention for this, is turning this mess into a message that passion over mess leads to success and might

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