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Armand A. Dayoha

Acrylic on Canvas
3 ft x3 ft
My work takes on the decorative and symbolic tradition of image-making through the use of patterns that can be observed in the different ethnic groups throughout the world since time immemorial. By utilizing the image of a Pintado covered in the motifs referenced from various Philippine indigenous tattoo and textile designs, my work acknowledges and gives tribute to this Filipino practice of image and symbol-making, including it in the narrative of this shared tradition. Consequently, it gives birth to a distinct visual language anchored on visual stimulation and symbolic perception. My work illustrates my interest in pictorial flatness which stems from my background as a Psychology major, that in my own understanding, empirical data are the basis of conclusions that go beyond what can be observed. In my work, the emphasis on the surface is achieved through the flat rendering of the figure and background with absence on any signifiers of visual depth. This is supported in the employment of patterns inspired by Philippine ethnic tattoo and textile motifs that almost consume the whole picture plane. My concept of depth here, then, does not refer to the 3-dimensionality that a painted surface has traditionally implied. Rather, it as a result of the viewers’ investigation, their degree of introspection over my work. Given the historical context of a Pintado and the narrative of body ornamentation, my work serves as a stimulus where viewers can appraise beyond what is apparent. It is in this instance wherein they also participate in the process of meaning-making which can either be personal or communal.

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