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"Shame, Guilt, and Remorse"

Kirstein Ypon

Acrylic on Canvas
2ft x 2ft
Varieties of different shade and hues of colors produce a strong appearance which provides the impact and significance of the piece. The geometrical shapes suggest a cubist-like approach which compliments the portrait and fits well with the subject. A woman, in nude laying on the couch with nicotine on one hand. Her eyes set on somewhere, lost in the realm and vastness of her own thoughts. Life fucked her up so much, exposing everything that she was and everything that she ever will be. Full of unpleasant thoughts, she resorts to bad habits. How she handles her problems and carries herself was in a way, shameful. She undresses herself like the way life undressed her. She was guilty, how could she let that happen to herself. The remorse can be seen in her eyes piercing thru life. With so much problems and damage, sometimes, all you can do is sit, ponder, and have a bit of nicotine.

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