Yasay, Dominic


[email protected]

Dominic Yasay holds a Bachelor’s degree in Development Communication, specializing in Development Journalism, obtained from Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan. His career has been marked by a diverse range of experiences, beginning as a news correspondent and advertising writer for esteemed publications such as CDN Digital (formerly Cebu Daily News), Inquirer.net, and iStorya.net.

As a versatile content marketer and copywriter, Dominic has made significant contributions to international companies across various niches including travel and tourism, branding and design, digital marketing, healthcare, and new age spirituality. His expertise lies in crafting audience-centric content that fosters brand growth and engagement.

Currently, Dominic is pursuing a Master’s degree in Development Communication at UP Open University, further deepening his knowledge in the field. He teaches courses like Critical Perspectives in Communication, Communication for Development, Content Writing, and Academic Writing within the Communication Program. With a rich blend of academic and practical experience, Dominic desires to continuously make an impact in the realms of communication, journalism, and content creation through teaching, research, and community work.

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