DYUP 98.9 was the official campus radio of the University of the Philippines Visayas Cebu College. It was an extension of the Arts and Humanities Cluster, which the BA Mass Communication program utilized to provide practical broadcast training to students.

It was a closed-circuit radio accessible in the Main Campus, specifically in the Radio Room, Catwalk, and the Main Canteen. It was operational from nine in the morning to five in the afternoon, with special programming during Intramurals period. It also eventually started utilizing new platforms such as Facebook live, Youtube, and podcasting for certain programs and special content.

In 2017, the operations of DYUP 98.9 were suspended due to legal considerations, particularly regarding the use of copyrighted music in programs despite their educational purpose.

The suspension of operations was also largely influenced by logistical challenges that were encountered by the station such as the depreciation and eventual malfunction of the amplifiers in the Catwalk and the Main Canteen, which prevented the closed-circuit radio to reach nearly all of its audience.

The lack of staff and personnel also contributed to the suspension of operations. DYUP 98.9 was usually run by 2nd year BA Mass Communication students who were taking a radio broadcasting class, however, due to the K-12 curriculum, the BA Mass Communication program did not have 2nd year BA Mass Communication students for two years, and therefore has not been offering their radio broadcasting class.

DYUP Sugbo Revival

In 2016, the University of the Philippines Visayas Cebu College was elevated into a constituent university as the University of the Philippines Cebu (UP Cebu). The Arts and Humanities Cluster was elevated into the College of Communication, Art, and Design (CCAD), and in 2017, the BA Mass Communication program was renamed as the BA Communication program after a change of curriculum.

The operations of DYUP 98.9 remained suspended until 2019, when its revival was launched during the 2019 CCAD Week. DYUP 98.9 was renamed simply as DYUP Sugbo and was reintroduced as the official campus radio of UP Cebu. Instead of a closed-circuit operation, DYUP Sugbo intends to maximize its audience by utilizing online streaming through the UP Wifi network and Facebook live.

DYUP Sugbo remains an extension of the BA Communication program under CCAD, but it shall no longer be exclusively operated by BA Communication students taking their radio broadcasting class but will instead be operated by student volunteers from any college or program in UP Cebu. DYUP Sugbo’s programming will also solicit the participation of administrative offices in the university as well as student organizations in UP Cebu.

In lieu of revival of operations, legal measures were carefully considered, and new modern equipment were procured in order to ensure that previous challenges will not be repeated. After almost two years of suspension, DYUP Sugbo resumed its operations in AY2019-2020 with a strong line-up of programs run not only by students but also faculty and admin staff.

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