ARTSCOMM General Assembly

The ARTSCOMM General Assembly is an annual gathering of the Federation’s constituents that enables them to present their concerns and grievances to the panel so they may be answered and addressed.


Pahigmata is ARTSCOMM’s annual CCAD week, where the artworks, literary submissions, skills and talents of the ARTSCOMM constituency are shown and showcased. During the pandemic, Pahigmata is divided into three events: 

CCAD Convocation of Scholars

Through the combined efforts of the ARTSCOMM Federation (with the Communicators of UP and the Fine Arts Student Organization) and the College of Communication, Art, and Design, the CCAD Convocation of Scholars 2022 is the first face-to-face Convocation since the pandemic, where honorific iskolars of the college from the past three semesters are able to climb the stage and be given the recognition they deserve from the fruits of their labor.

Pasko sa UP 2022

A university-wide initiative and celebration that fosters synergy, friendly competition, and camaraderie between the colleges this Christmas season. The ARTSCOMM Federation is a college contingent for the following contests: Kaanindot Award, Kasadya Award, and Kaanyag sa Pasko 2022.


COMMUP Welcoming Week

Students under the BA Communication program gather together for a week-long program full of events to welcome and entertain students, especially the freshmen, as they embark on the start of the academic year. Different festivities under this event include the Tapok-Tapok held online which provides a glimpse of the life of a communicator; First Day Gimmick held on grounds on the first day of school; and the most awaited Acquaintance Party held at the end of the program week.


CommUP Week is a year-end event organized by the BA Communication students of UP Cebu. It is a week-long event that includes a variety of distinct activities such as the Film and Broadcast Festival, Book Auctions, Comm UP Merchandise, UPelikula Premiere, CommUP Gala, and talks with veterans from various Communication fields. The event aims to bring together the talents, skills, and creativity of the Communicators of UP and support a good cause.

1081 Exhibit

Held only a week in September during the anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law, the 1081 commemorative event serves as a solemn reminder of the victims of state violence that occurred during the 1970s under the regime of the late dictator, Ferdinand Marcos Sr. On the anniversary of Marcos Sr.’s declaration of Martial Law, which was established through Proclamation No. 1081, his son, Marcos Jr., continues to deny the atrocities committed by his father and is actively attempting to erase this dark chapter in our nation’s history from the collective memory of the people.

Essay Writing Contest

The essay writing contest spearheaded by CommUP is organized for all bonafide students enrolled in University of the Philippines Cebu who are interested in joining. This contest provides an avenue for student writers to publish their written pieces on a timely and relevant theme to pen their thoughts from.


FASO 1st General Assembly

FASO holds its first General Assembly at the Performing Arts Hall to address its constituents’ possible concerns and suggestions for the semester. It served as a platform for both officers and students in working together to provide the best experience for both parties.

FASO Acquaintance Party 2022

Fine Arts students gather at the AS Hall to have fun and get to know one another in FASO’s Spooky Disco Acquaintance Party. The event allowed students to mingle and dawn on their fun outfits on the dance floor.

46th Jose Joya Awards: Opening and Awarding Ceremony

The event has always been a wonderful way of commemorating the National Artist Jose T. Joya’s significant contributions to the local and national Art scene, as well as serving as an opportunity for the students of the UP Cebu Fine Arts program to showcase their talents and contend with one another.

FASO Mindworks 2019

Mindworks is a yearly event by the Fine Arts Students Organization which uses various forms of art such as installation and performance in tackling, highlighting, and even protesting different issues in the society. Its theme aims to ask for the true origin of power, and where it truly lies given the current socio-political contexts.

Gabii sa Kabilin: FASO Booth and Still Life Sessions

During Gabii sa Kabilin, the Fine Arts Students Organization opens their booth to sell event-exclusive pins and merchandise from other FA students. At the same time, they conducted two still-life sessions for people who visited the campus.

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