Daposala, Mark Anthony

Assistant Professor

[email protected] 

Mark Anthony “Ton” L. Daposala is an Assistant Professor teaching Sugbuanon Literature in the Communications Program. His poem “Multa” has first appeared internationally at the 17th issue of the The Loch Raven Review in the 49 Philippine language poetry in translation edition. His first poetry collection entitled Basâ-basa was published in 2018 at Xavier University Press. Most of his works have also appeared in literary anthologies such as Dagat ug Kinabuhi: Translating Contemporary Cebuano Poetry, Tinubdan: New Voices from Northern Mindanao, Mindanao Harvest 4, Kabisdak: Cebuano Literary Lighthouse and Bisaya Magasin. Ton also earned his master’s degree in arts major in Literature at Xavier University. Other than writing poetry, his interests revolve around promoting creative growth of Binisaya literature in his hometown Cagayan de Oro City. Ton is also a music enthusiast despite years of not holding a pair of drumsticks.


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