Bioscapes exhibit opens at Joya Gallery

UP Cebu College of Communication, Art, and Design (CCAD) faculty and students come together for Bioscapes: Regions of Architecture to showcase video creations, textile installation, paper sculpture, and other artworks from April 15 to 30, 2024 at the Jose T. Joya Gallery.

The exhibit, curated by Nomar Bayog Miano, features his works as well as those of CCAD Faculty Grace Marie Lopez and Ivy Marie Apa. Invited to join are selected students, Allyca Zoe Villaflor, Kent Michael Montana, Stacey Momongan, Neive Hisanan, and Mike Acaso.

The works in this exhibition engage architecture in its most liberal sense — as the organization of spaces and times.

Here, architecture not only pertains to the built environment – the roads and highways, the urban landscape, the informal settlements, the vending contraptions, the metropolitan centers and the countryside, the malls, the cities and towns, but also alludes to intangible environments that govern movements of bodies in physical and virtual spaces, in institutional and pedagogical fields, in the ecologies of art.

Whereas, classical mechanics see space and time as non-subjective, material, components of the world, contemporary thought teaches us otherwise that they are more than just that.

They are manifestations and expressions of certain worlds, ripe with contestations, mediations, meanings, and values. In the first place, the organization of spaces and times, i.e. architecture, revolves around certain conceptions and notions of the body, which is to say that architecture is in fact juridical of the body by default.

It articulates as much as it entraps, it enlivens as much as it entombs, it regulates as much as it frees, and sometimes it empowers as much as it subjects the body to social control.

Architecture, in other words, shows us that the body is a space-time for and of mediations and contestations. Architecture compels us to resist.

Bioscapes is organized by Regional Art Forum + Community Art Archive and the Joya Gallery. It is open to the public.

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