Avenido talks literature with CCAD creative writing community

A regular meeting room at the University of Philippines Cebu transformed into a hub of literary exploration that captivated literature enthusiasts, with poet and author Manu Avenido right in the center of the discussion, last March 6, 2024.

“The Manu Script: A Talk on Ikigai and Other Writings with Manu Avenido” held at the UP Cebu Audio Visual Room united a diverse community of readers, writers, and scholars, delving into the rich tapestry of Cebuano literature and beyond. Opened to the public, the event was also attended by student writers from other universities.

Organized by the UP Cebu Creative Writing Program in collaboration with the College of Communication, Art, and Design (CCAD), Communication Program, LIT 4 courses, and TINTA, the event underscored the vibrant literary culture thriving within the university.

The event started with opening remarks by Dr. Crina Tañongon, followed by Assistant Professor Ton Daposala’s introduction of the speaker, paving the way for Avenido’s talk titled “A Reason for Being: A Purpose for Writing and Translation.”

The presence of Avenido, a poet, writer, and literature enthusiast, made the gathering more memorable as he shared insights from his latest book, “Ikigai Ug Ubang Piniling Mga Sugilanon.” His discourse on the imperative for writers to embrace change and explore new artistic frontiers resonated deeply with his audience. Avenido’s journey from traditional to non-traditional literature, driven by a commitment to enriching the Cebuano literary landscape, served as both inspiration and enlightenment.

Following Avenido’s discourse, John Dante’s insightful book review of “Ikigai Ug Ubang Piniling Mga Sugilanon” mentioned the author’s vivid portrayal of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and Bisaya culture. Dante lauded Avenido’s adept storytelling, particularly in narratives like “Walay Bilin sa Takna nga Nas Mas Bugat,” which artfully weave memories into compelling tales. He also commended Avenido’s authentic representation of OFWs and exploration of diverse genres and themes, as this contributes to the preservation and appreciation of Bisaya fiction among broader audiences.

Excerpts from the book, spanning reflections on love, social issues, and the human condition to tales of resilience and the quest for meaning, were shared during the event. These showcased Avenido’s prowess as a storyteller, deftly intertwining complex emotions into narratives that left a profound impact on attendees.

The event further provided an opportunity for attendees to share their own favorite or self-made writings, fostering an atmosphere of creative exchange and camaraderie. Host Shaila played a pivotal role in ensuring the event’s success, while Dean Shane L. Carreon’s closing remarks beautifully encapsulated the essence of the day. Tokens of appreciation were distributed, culminating in a session of photo and video-taking. (Story and Photos by UP Cebu Communication Program First Year Student Belha Puso)

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