Author of National Book Award Finalist REMAINS gave this year’s first lecture for UP Cebu Creative Writing Program Pundok Katitikan Lecture Series

For their first in-person event this year, Pundok Katitikan Lecture Series invited Daryll Delgado, an award-winning author, and professor, to discuss three crucial questions in the post-truth era last October 14, 2022.

Some of the questions that one must ponder include:

What happens when the distinctions between truth, fiction, and lies collapse?

Why do people coalesce more easily around certain fictions than around inconvenient truths?

How important is the moral imagination in helping us navigate current realities and threats of an erased history?

She also mentioned that her form of writing is her own way of resistance. Additionally, she also highlighted the importance of cultivating the relationships between publishers, writers, and readers, as this connection can save us.

The lecture series was formally opened by College of Communication, Art, and Design Faculty Marie Rose Arong’s statement.

“Public Humanities is not just about sharing knowledge with the general public. It is also about learning from them. So, I hope today’s lecture continues to foster the knowledge exchange that we imagined when we originally started this in 2018,” said Arong.

This was followed by a spoken word poetry performance by former Tug-Ani EIC and former VP of Tinta, Alvin Dave. The spoken poetry was entitled Sa Payah Sila Nagpahinga, a tribute to the farmers in Sagay City who were massacred last October 2018.

The lecture was attended by UP Cebu and CNU students.

Local Cebuano Artist, Bastinuod, was also there for a pop-up booth of postcards.

The event included a brief question and answer portion, a photo opportunity, and snacks.

An annual UP Cebu Creative Writing event since 2018, Pundok Katitikan provides spaces for Filipino writers to share. The second and last lecture for Pundok Katitikan will be on November 11, 2022.

Text by: Alyanna Nicole Lauzon, BA Communication I

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