UP Cebu Fine Arts Faculty Opens Solo Exhibit


Ivy Marie Apa, a Fine Arts faculty member of UP Cebu College of Communication, Art, and Design, had her art exhibit opening titled “Mythologies”, which took place at the High Space of Qube Gallery at Crossroads, Banilad yesterday, November 17.

Her artwork is influenced by her fascination with a peculiar interest in visual images and appearances seen every day, such as things seen in advertisements, mass media, and pop culture, among others, where she wants to interrogate these things.

These spectacles and images mediate relationships with others, such as by how one perceives other people and how one presents themselves on what they should look like and what one should have.

Apa highlighted that her exhibit is not a critique of a capitalist system, which she first thought of, nor a condemnation of the dominant system that we are currently in, but a dialogue between the relationship with the products of the system and how everyday lives are dictated by this system.

As an educator, her exhibit is informed by philosophers’ ideas that resonate with her interest in mythologies and myth-making; the images we consume are tools and devices where we make myths.

The exhibit operates through the intersection of Greco-Judeo-Christian tradition, commercialism, and consumerism, explaining that in our everyday lives, we cannot escape with theologies and the influence of traditions. As one looks at the images, they seem to worship them.

“Mythologies” is a year of making that is very personal for Apa, where she has to learn and unlearn things as she produces the work. Apa hopes to influence others to reflect on the things that one consumes in everyday life.

This art exhibit is curated by Nomar Miano and runs from November 17 until the 10th of December this year. Qube Gallery is open weekly from Tuesday to Saturday from 12 to 6 in the evening.

Text and Photos by: Ian Peter Guanzon, BA Communication II

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