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Veteran journalists talk about  AI in  journalism in GMA Masterclass

Veteran journalists from GMA Integrated News talked about their experiences, professional milestones, and perspectives on the practice of journalism with easy access to such technology tools as generative artificial intelligence or AI during the highly popular “GMA Masterclass: The Cebu Press Freedom Week Special” at the University of the Philippines Cebu Performing Arts Hall last Sept. 18, 2023.

Organized by GMA Regional TV, the forum took on the theme “Journalism in the Age of AI” and featured Howie Severino, Pia Arcanghel, Aileen Perez, and Nikko Sereno as resource persons. 

The masterclass was one of the activities of the 31st Cebu Press Freedom from Sept. 17 to 23.

Students from various colleges and universities, such as the University of the Philippines Cebu, Cebu Normal University, University of San Jose Recoletos, Southwestern University PHINMA, Cebu Technological University, University of the Visayas, University of San Carlos, Santo Nino Mactan College, among others, converged at the event. They were eager to learn more about the topic of artificial intelligence and how it is impacting the landscape of journalism.

The event began with a warm welcome from UP Cebu Chancellor, Atty. Leo Malagar. In his opening remarks, he underscored the importance of students remaining vigilant, actively engaged, and steadfast in their commitment to safeguarding democracy and upholding the principles of freedom.

GMA Masterclass icons also shared some advice for youngsters aspiring to be the next generation of journalists. They also gave their insights and perspectives on artificial intelligence.

Severino underscored the importance of recognizing AI as a complementary tool to journalism, while also highlighting its potential as a weapon capable of causing harm. 

In light of generative AI tools, Perez emphasized that while AI holds valuable applications in monitoring and data analytics, it is important to acknowledge its potential to generate uncanny content.

Arcanghel underlined the potential advantages of employing AI in research but confessed her hesitation to use it due to a worry about becoming overly reliant on it. 

Meanwhile, Sereno stressed the time-saving benefits of AI while cautioning against its misuse.

GMA Masterclass: The Cebu Press Freedom Week Special marked the start of the 31st Cebu Press Freedom Week aimed at providing an arena for discussion and education on various local and national issues for students and educators. (Report by Charles Jave Retanal/Photos by Adriana Villena)

Comm UP opens 1081 Exhibit to commemorate Martial Law victims

The 1081 Exhibit, now in its sixth year, commemorates the 51st Proclamation of Martial Law with an Opening Program and a Multimedia and Art Exhibit that was launched last Monday, September 18, at UP Cebu’s Jose T. Joya Gallery under the theme “Lift the Sheets: Uncovering the Dictator’s Dirt.”

Participants in this significant event pledged never to forget the sacrifices made by Filipinos who bravely stood up against oppression.

“The 1081 Exhibit aims to counter fake news and disinformation of Martial Law with the factual narrative and connect the past with the present by resurfacing the [Marcos] family’s great robbery of the country and its impact on citizens that can still manifest until today,” said Kirstein Ann Pilongo, this year’s 1081 Exhibit Project Head and current Communicators of UP Chairperson, in her opening statement.

The week-long exhibit will last until Friday, September 22. It will include forums, seminars, educational discussions, film showings, protest actions, performances, and contests that will serve as a somber reminder of the significance of remembering this tragic and dark chapter in our history.

The UP Students’ Theater Arts Guild for Education (UPSTAGE) delivered an evocative performance, strongly reenacting the torturous memories of Martial Law victims, and provoking strong emotions from the audience.

Bounded by the solemn setting, student leaders from various organizations organized a protest action, lifting their voices to address important issues and voicing their firm opposition to the current administration’s acts of injustice.

The opening event was then succeeded by the opening of the Multimedia and Art Exhibit at UP Cebu’s College of Art and Design (CCAD) COMM Wing, which was organized in partnership with the Fine Arts Students Organization (FASO) and curator Greys Compuesto. The exhibit featured a variety of artworks in many forms that reflected a visual narrative of the contradictory Martial Law Era. (Erna Josette Bonsukan, BA Communication 2)

UP Cebu Creative Writing Program Relaunches Tagik Landasan Writing Workshop

The UP Cebu Creative Writing Program of CCAD is now accepting submissions for the 3rd Tagik Landasan Writing Workshop, to be held in October 9-10, 2023 at Multimedia Room (Day 1) & Joya Gallery (Day 2).

Eight (8) Slots shall be reserved for UPC students (Grade-10 & 11 and College Undergraduates). Two (2 ) slots are reserved for UPC Alumni who are based on Cebu City. Please note that previous Tagik Landasan Writing Workshop fellows as well as fellows of regional and national writing workshops are not qualified for this year’s writing workshop. Interested applicants may submit the following genres in either Cebuano or English—a suite of three (3) to five (5) poems; one (1) five-to-eight-page short story, or one (1) five-to-eight-page creative nonfiction (personal essay).

Entries must be typed in Book Antiqua, font size 12, with 1-inch margin on all sides, single-spaced for poetry while double-spaced for prose entries. Entries must not bear the author’s name. Applicants are required to submit their resume with a scanned 2×2 ID picture. A statement of intent providing a short background of their literary interests should accompany the application.

Submissions must be sent as attachments in Word file with the subject header format “Tagik Landasan_[Applicant’s Full Name]_[Genre: Poetry, Fiction, or CNF]” (example: Tagik Landasan_Aiko Sukahi_Fiction) to the following email address:[email protected] After the workshop, there will be a culminating event to recognize the fellows in Gabiing Dako: A Night of Poetry which will be organized by UP TINTA.

UP Cebu Communication Student Directs Play for Kulukabildo: Stories to End the Stigma and Celebrate Life

Watch Mavy Avila’s play “Sama sa Mga Duwaan ni Inday” in Bidlisiw Foundation, Inc.’s Kulukabildo: Stories to End the Stigma and Celebrate Life. Kulukabildo features eight plays written by Palanca-award-winning writers, translated into Bisaya, and adapted for the stage by Bisaya directors and actors.

Avila is a BA Communication IV student at the UP Cebu College of Communication, Art, and Design.

Joya Gallery Joins Visayas Art Fair 2022

The Joya Gallery is joining the Visayas Art Fair 2022!

Visit our exhibit Belatedness: The Urge/ncy to Thrive at Booth E from Nov 25-27, featuring the works from UP Cebu’s Fine Art students and the 46th Jose Joya Awardees.

See you there!


Graphics by Ardinian Jaq Sanque

UP Cebu Fine Arts Faculty Opens Solo Exhibit


Ivy Marie Apa, a Fine Arts faculty member of UP Cebu College of Communication, Art, and Design, had her art exhibit opening titled “Mythologies”, which took place at the High Space of Qube Gallery at Crossroads, Banilad yesterday, November 17.

Her artwork is influenced by her fascination with a peculiar interest in visual images and appearances seen every day, such as things seen in advertisements, mass media, and pop culture, among others, where she wants to interrogate these things.

These spectacles and images mediate relationships with others, such as by how one perceives other people and how one presents themselves on what they should look like and what one should have.

Apa highlighted that her exhibit is not a critique of a capitalist system, which she first thought of, nor a condemnation of the dominant system that we are currently in, but a dialogue between the relationship with the products of the system and how everyday lives are dictated by this system.

As an educator, her exhibit is informed by philosophers’ ideas that resonate with her interest in mythologies and myth-making; the images we consume are tools and devices where we make myths.

The exhibit operates through the intersection of Greco-Judeo-Christian tradition, commercialism, and consumerism, explaining that in our everyday lives, we cannot escape with theologies and the influence of traditions. As one looks at the images, they seem to worship them.

“Mythologies” is a year of making that is very personal for Apa, where she has to learn and unlearn things as she produces the work. Apa hopes to influence others to reflect on the things that one consumes in everyday life.

This art exhibit is curated by Nomar Miano and runs from November 17 until the 10th of December this year. Qube Gallery is open weekly from Tuesday to Saturday from 12 to 6 in the evening.

Text and Photos by: Ian Peter Guanzon, BA Communication II

Mythologies by Ivy Marie Apa

Who’s Afraid of I̶d̶e̶o̶l̶o̶g̶y̶ Tradition?

The father of deconstruction, Jacques Derrida, has once said that the language we use today is still indebted to the theological heritage of the Western tradition. This, of course, is a rephrasing of Derrida – albeit one that is unwittingly misread by many commentators. Contrary to popular readings of Derrida, deconstruction is an offshoot of the philosopher’s realization that we cannot simply throw metaphysics out of the window. Deconstruction is not a critique (a la Immanuel Kant’s). It is not a discursive strategy which denies meaning to a work but, rather, it is a tactic (a la Michel de Certeau’s) which uncovers innocent ostracisms in the use of language. To further qualify: deconstruction is a tactic that is devoid of emancipatory expectation. Deconstruction exhumes dead and marginalized utilities in language-use. It is, therefore, not a threat to tradition. Rather, deconstruction is a thing of beauty and, as such, it helps us realize that traditions are indeed alive in that they permeate our everyday contemporary lives. Deconstruction is consumption, so to say, not production. Philosophy is housekeeping, hence Derrida says. We perform the mundane task of housekeeping, a.k.a. Philosophy, today only to repeat the same task in the succeeding days. In other words, we are fallible and our theologies will always be part of the default features of our everyday lives whether we like it or not. Ivy Marie Apa’s oeuvre offers us a glimpse of this realization.

Ivy takes the cue of Roland Barthes’ Mythologies and rereads it as a work about tradition instead of ideology. Her work is a dialogue with Greco-Judeo-Christian tradition as it is iterated, or survived, rather, by the capitalist system and its critical interlocutors. This dialogue is not an indictment of the West’s follies and limitations, as in Friedrich Nietzsche’s work. Ivy’s rereading of Mythologies, rather, is an exhortation for trans-valuation, as in Nietzsche’s work.

Curator: Nomar Bayog Miano

CCAD Convocation of Scholars 2022 Livestream

Welcome, scholars, faculty, parents, and friends to this auspicious day as we celebrate our students’ academic and artistic triumphs in this year’s CCAD Convocation of Scholars 2022. ✊🏼✨

CCAD Releases Schedule of Convocation of Scholars 2022

The College of Communication, Art, and Design is proud to announce the schedule of its convocation of scholars tomorrow, November 9th, at the Performing Arts Hall and online.

The ceremony will begin at 9 a.m, and it will feature keynote speaker Mr. Adeste Deguilmo.

He took up painting studies at the University of the Philippines Cebu and became a student of Cebu’s foremost painter, Martino Abellana.

After obtaining his diploma in 1986, he was involved in Advertising Agency for six years as a visualizer. In 1993 he helped organize the art group Cebu Artists Inc. and later became the group’s president.

He entered the teaching profession in 1999 and was a member of the Fine Arts Faculty of the University of San Carlos until 2006. In 2000 he received a residency grant from the Federal Chancellery of the republic of Austria and stayed in Vienna, Austria for three months as a foreign artist in Residence. with the support of the Cebu Arts Council. As an output of his residency, he exhibited his works at the Kunstlerhaus in Vienna coupled with a homecoming exhibit in Cebu at the CAP Art Center

He also bagged two important awards in 1997 alone. First, he won the Gand Prize of the Letras y Figures, a national competition organized by Instituto de Cervantes in Manila. Second, he garnered the grand prize of the Land Bank of the Philippines Centennial mural painting contest.

In his prolific career as a professional artist, our distinguished guest speaker has mounted more than ten solo exhibitions and

numerous group shows. In 2010, he was awarded the 3rd prize for his work titled ”Flowers and Gardens” in the April-May issue of the International Artist Magazine. He was again featured in a major article in the same international art magazine in the August issue of 2018.

In addition, he won the Grand Prize in the Figurative Abstraction category organized by Kaalyado ng Sining, a National Painting Competition in 2012.

Furthermore, he was featured in a solo exhibition by Qube Gallery at the prestigious Art Central Hong Kong in March 2017.

UP Cebu Fine Arts Alumnus Launches Solo Exhibit

UP Cebu BFA in Industrial Design (2018) alum and UP High School lecturer Kenneth Gallardo opens his solo exhibit titled Eastern Celestials today at Neil Felipp Boutique, Cebu City.

“Kenneth Gallardo finds inspiration through life’s unexpected moments through experimentation of the humble coffee stain. As he explored through this medium, he fused watercolor and gold detail levating his work into something more than just the ordinary. One such detail can be seen through the paper planes as a symbol of dreams taking flight with every piece that he creates.

As his dreams take flight. he looks into the heavens and is reminded by the Chinese Zodiac of which he reimagined through this playful array of coffee, watercolour, and gold embellishments.”

Visit the exhibit every Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. The exhibition will run until November 4, 2022.

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